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Install BibleWorks10 on Ubuntu Linux

How to install BibleWorks 10 in Ubuntu Linux

This probably works fine on other distributions that can run PlayOnLinux, but I tested it on My Setup:


  1. Extract ISO to folder
  2. Install PlayOnLinux (Skip this step if it's already installed)
    1. Open Terminal, and type (Or Copy, and CTRL SHIFT V)
    • sudo apt install -y playonlinux && playonlinux
  3. On the Left: Install a Program
  4. Bottom: Install a Non-Listed Program
  5. Install a Program in a New Virtual Drive
  6. Name it: BibleWorks10
  7. Check Box: Install Some Libraries
  8. 32 bits windows installation
  9. Check: POL_Install_ie8
  10. Select Language
  11. IE: I do not want to participate
  12. IE: I accept
  13. IE: UNCHECK Install Updates
  14. IE: Restart Later (Playonlinux simulates a reboot)
  15. Browse to folder with extracted ISO files, and select autorun.exe
  16. Go through installer
  17. When Playonlinux asks you about a shortcut, choose BibleWorks 10.lnk
  18. Then if it asks again, choose "I don't want to add another shortcut."
  19. Finish

You should now be able to launch BibleWorks10 from the desktop. If not, open Playonlinux and you should find it listed.


                                        Paul said…
                                        Have you tried running in xiwi without running the entire desktop environment? I haven't tried this yet on my C720, but I might try it both in my 16.04 chroot and a bionic one (18.04). Thanks!
                                        Paul said…
                                        I just got around to trying out the above comment. I went ahead and re-installed BW10 using wine 4.0.1, and am able to get it to start with xiwi in its own window through wine. Works great!
                                        Matt Zabojnik said…
                                        Howdy! Thanks for the comment, and the follow-up. I do tend to prefer launching directly from xiwi.
                                        I don't know the command off-hand, but it seems like it would be fairly straightforward to launch BW directly.
                                        What I normally do nowadays is launch lxterminal through xiwi, and forego any other GUI stuff, and then launch BW from lx.

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