Install BibleWorks10 on Ubuntu Linux

How to install BibleWorks 10 in Ubuntu Linux

This probably works fine on other distributions that can run PlayOnLinux, but I tested it on My Setup:

BibleWorks10Rev6 ISO DownloadUbuntu 16.04.4 running in chroot environment on a Google Chromebook Flip C302

Steps Extract ISO to folderInstall PlayOnLinux (Skip this step if it's already installed)Open Terminal, and type (Or Copy, and CTRL SHIFT V)sudo apt install -y playonlinux && playonlinuxOn the Left: Install a ProgramBottom: Install a Non-Listed ProgramInstall a Program in a New Virtual DriveName it: BibleWorks10Check Box: Install Some Libraries32 bits windows installationCheck: POL_Install_ie8Select LanguageIE: I do not want to participateIE: I acceptIE: UNCHECK Install UpdatesIE: Restart Later (Playonlinux simulates a reboot)Browse to folder with extracted ISO files, and select autorun.exeGo through installerWhen Playonlinux asks you about a shortcut, choose BibleWorks 10.lnkThen if it asks again, choose "I don't wan…
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